A Broken Heart

There are always mysteries in every family which cannot be solved, let alone grasped in any meaningful way. On so many levels, the greatest mystery for me is that of my heart; a heart which I now share in a bond of blood with many others in my newfound clan. I feels good to belong, even with a broken heart.


Fun With Words

genetics- from the Latin; (birth, descent, origin, beginning).

genealogy- from the Greek; genea (family, generation, descent).

Finding my biological parents established my descent, my real bloodline, and the history of our family’s genetic migration. I did indeed belong somewhere, after years of being told, by my adoptive mother, that I “really wasn’t blood”. My twenty-one year search corrected that omission.

My half-sister Kim had a heart attack on Monday the 18th of May. I accompanied her to the ER, was with her at each step, and felt essentially like I was running through a dry run for my own death. Kim is fine, having suffered almost no damage to her heart, but will have to radically change her eating habits and lifestyle. Her cardiac ER surgeon, fatefully, cautioned me to get a treadmill test promptly, since heart disease runs strongly on our mother’s side of the family. So I am starting a new process that is essentially preordained, it seems to me.


ALL games are games of survival.